Cerise and Orange Birthday Party

I can’t imagine a more fun colour palette for a birthday party than this one! While our brief was to keep it elegant and classy, the client’s favourite colours, and thus the choice for this event, are – you guessed it – cerise and bright orange. With this in mind we went to work creating this look using roses, star gazer liles, crysanths, carnations, poppies and gerberas.

The venue was ideal for the amount of guests, as we could set up one long table along the doors opening up onto the patio and the most beautiful view of the Langeberg Mountains. Setting the table this way allowed us to make full use of the gorgeous view while keeping the table setting quite posh – with a lighthearted twist in the form of the polkadot napkins and cheeky colour scheme.

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Rose Gold Styled Shoot – Part 2

Yay for Rose Gold! We love this look, and it being spring and all, where better for an on-location styled shoot than inside a peach orchard bursting with pretty pastel pink blossoms! Here’s where part one of this styled shoot can be found https://enchantedbonnievalelife.wordpress.com/2014/10/08/rose-gold-styled-shoot/  – please check out the vendor details at this link – a big thank you to everyone that made this shoot possible xx

1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (82)

1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (20) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (170) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (21) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (25) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (76) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (79) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (92) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (99) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (121) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (135) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (136) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (146) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (150) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (153) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (166)

Rose Gold – Styled Shoot

Working and living in one of the most beautiful areas of our country, one forgives the inconvenience of “not having” – Bonnievale is a very small town to be sure, and we tend to regard things most people take for granted as luxuries – such as fast food chains, supermarkets and the like.  We’ve been lucky enough at Gypsyrose to be able to offer some of these “luxuries” to the kind folk of Bonnievale and surrounding towns – beautiful gifts, home décor, luxury imported toiletries and of course, gourgeous fresh flowers. As a proud local we really try our best to support local business, and not surprising that we have some amazingly talented, creative and capable wedding and event vendors right here on our doorstep!

We put together this styled shoot because 1) we love the new metallic trend, especially rose gold in all its fantastic applications, and 2) we wish to showcase the gifted wedding vendors of Bonnievale… i.e. Brides, you DON’T have to import your vendors from Cape Town, we have them all right here!

Details of all the lovely people involved in this shoot available below, and a special thank you to Koos and Natasha Wentzel for the use of their farm as our location for the shoot1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (120) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (141) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (155) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (159) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (161) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (172) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (173) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (179) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (185) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (197) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (225) 10401893_574997342623354_5836238007686429409_n (1) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (231) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (250) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (252)


It was truly a pleasure to work with the following wedding vendors on this project:

Photography –  Marlize van Zyl MvZ Photography |  vanzylmarlize@gmail.com

Hair & Makeup –  Mari Lombaard Hair Exclusive | maristemmet@hotmail.com

Furniture & Decor – Hilda-Mari Jonker Klasi Furniture & Rene Pieterse Gypsyrose | http://www.klasi.co.za; hmj@jonkheer.co.za | http://www.gypsyrose.co.za; rene@gypsyrose.co.za

Linen & Decor Hiring – Lizl Pieterse Flamboijant | http://www.flamboijant.co.za; flamboijant@gmail.com

Stationery – Rene Pieterse Gypsyrose | http://www.gypsyrose.co.za; rene@gypsyrose.co.za

Wines – Weltevrede Estate | http://www.weltevrede.com; info@weltevrede.com

Floral design & styling – Rene Pieterse Gypsyrose | http://www.gypsyrose.co.za; rene@gypsyrose.co.za

Model – Danique Fullard | http://www.danzalavida.co.za


More pics to come from this fabulous shoot!




Bonnie & Matt – African Game Lodge, Montagu

On a sweltering day in February Bonnie & Matt started their forever together at the beautiful African Game Lodge outside Montagu. A very intimate affair, we created a fresh and stylish look with the use of silver, crisp white, fresh bright green and sparkling glass. To tie in with the game lodge feel we added grass mats for texture and added various types of indigenous foliage juxtapositioned against the classic roses, chinks and giant chrysanthemums. Thank you to the talented Greg Lumley for the gorgeous pics!

mabo_f_00070 mabo_f_00002 mabo_f_00005 mabo_f_00006 mabo_f_00007 mabo_f_00025 mabo_f_00050

Mari & AA – Nelson’s Creek, Paarl

There is something to be said for the vibrancy of wonderfully bright colours at a wedding – somehow it translates the feeling of buoyancy and fun that forms part of such a heartwarming event. While glamming it up with beautifully embroidered table cloths and elegant silver accents, we made use of gorgeous roses, lisianthus and a crysanths in shades of bright pink and cerise to uplift and lighten the venue.

1488105_780349858649129_1751913223_n 10245380_843422072341907_1012960017502275601_n (1) 1921068_843423015675146_8835981974202631942_o 1476546_780350345315747_899724263_n 10172684_843421502341964_3654580163543980201_n 1525571_843422732341841_3959568863873936039_n 10151827_843422445675203_9032684372217516871_n 10009278_843421559008625_2272497382428468506_n 1536453_843419635675484_2932871690951001966_n 1604779_843419892342125_8824513392996939873_n 6432_843419685675479_2281509308847040326_n 10154148_843423329008448_6647050861381413799_n 1510384_843423459008435_7923354923976669162_n 1972251_843419969008784_7886399086245325811_n 1975264_843419612342153_5976289266228677924_n 10012880_843419695675478_4256716135914512988_o 10152432_843420135675434_3569768873139874674_n 10153276_843420442342070_6003553894129597769_n 10171747_843419799008801_7387906598934062969_n 10172804_843423235675124_1221644229929507558_n 10247315_843419752342139_964530944455379356_n

Joanie & Frans – Weltevrede Estate, Bonnievale

To me, the essence of a wedding is the celebration of love and family. With this wedding this concept became truly visible and tangible, even, through the way that the entire family – nephews and nieces, aunts, cousins, the whole lot jumped in and made this wedding magical. Every person had some part in the making of this wedding, whether supplying gorgeous fresh greenery from their gardens, to the Brides mom playing the organ and her Dad officiating the wedding. Even though the weather didn’t play along, this gorgeous couple took it in their stride – and totally rocked it. Lots of love to Joanie and Frans x1798757_10152590742574813_4544469832888065643_n 10007253_10152590748854813_4378415065808791788_n 10407056_10152590741974813_5376155291687608352_n 10427363_10152590741659813_7118276751760420621_n 10442891_10152590751244813_2147582651731814935_n 10450143_10152590750324813_7759852418844826569_n 10462444_10152590749694813_5247291526913038827_n 10469698_10152590761189813_5823811015015242051_n 10471047_10152590741744813_644535133624721970_n 10487454_10152590751439813_8408236930816127565_n 10489677_10152590749464813_261389732950372942_n 10513255_10152590752549813_8752675670805906807_n 10524377_10152590741624813_6077917319089053603_n 10525590_10152590766514813_1415660417467491642_n IMG-20140426-00262 IMG-20140426-00263

Trish & Marc – Arendsig, Bonnievale

Gorgeous bride, beautiful setting, sunny Autumn day, what more can you ask for in the perfect wedding day? The bride’s bouquet consisted out of the most fantastic blush pink Esperanze roses – the epitome of feminine elegance. For the ceremony and reception venues we added to this a variety of fresh seasonal flowers in soft pinks to complement the theme – candy floss carnations, enormous snowdon crysanths,  wisps of limonium, and alstroemeria lilies. A mixture of bottles, jars and clear glass vases in different sizes, prettied up with an assortment of ribbons helped create the relaxed, minimalist look.

The wedding was hosted at Arendsig Wine Estate in Bonnievale. Thank you to the talented Cheryl McEwan for the amazing pictures!