Joanie & Frans – Weltevrede Estate, Bonnievale

To me, the essence of a wedding is the celebration of love and family. With this wedding this concept became truly visible and tangible, even, through the way that the entire family – nephews and nieces, aunts, cousins, the whole lot jumped in and made this wedding magical. Every person had some part in the making of this wedding, whether supplying gorgeous fresh greenery from their gardens, to the Brides mom playing the organ and her Dad officiating the wedding. Even though the weather didn’t play along, this gorgeous couple took it in their stride – and totally rocked it. Lots of love to Joanie and Frans x1798757_10152590742574813_4544469832888065643_n 10007253_10152590748854813_4378415065808791788_n 10407056_10152590741974813_5376155291687608352_n 10427363_10152590741659813_7118276751760420621_n 10442891_10152590751244813_2147582651731814935_n 10450143_10152590750324813_7759852418844826569_n 10462444_10152590749694813_5247291526913038827_n 10469698_10152590761189813_5823811015015242051_n 10471047_10152590741744813_644535133624721970_n 10487454_10152590751439813_8408236930816127565_n 10489677_10152590749464813_261389732950372942_n 10513255_10152590752549813_8752675670805906807_n 10524377_10152590741624813_6077917319089053603_n 10525590_10152590766514813_1415660417467491642_n IMG-20140426-00262 IMG-20140426-00263


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