Mari & AA – Nelson’s Creek, Paarl

There is something to be said for the vibrancy of wonderfully bright colours at a wedding – somehow it translates the feeling of buoyancy and fun that forms part of such a heartwarming event. While glamming it up with beautifully embroidered table cloths and elegant silver accents, we made use of gorgeous roses, lisianthus and a crysanths in shades of bright pink and cerise to uplift and lighten the venue.

1488105_780349858649129_1751913223_n 10245380_843422072341907_1012960017502275601_n (1) 1921068_843423015675146_8835981974202631942_o 1476546_780350345315747_899724263_n 10172684_843421502341964_3654580163543980201_n 1525571_843422732341841_3959568863873936039_n 10151827_843422445675203_9032684372217516871_n 10009278_843421559008625_2272497382428468506_n 1536453_843419635675484_2932871690951001966_n 1604779_843419892342125_8824513392996939873_n 6432_843419685675479_2281509308847040326_n 10154148_843423329008448_6647050861381413799_n 1510384_843423459008435_7923354923976669162_n 1972251_843419969008784_7886399086245325811_n 1975264_843419612342153_5976289266228677924_n 10012880_843419695675478_4256716135914512988_o 10152432_843420135675434_3569768873139874674_n 10153276_843420442342070_6003553894129597769_n 10171747_843419799008801_7387906598934062969_n 10172804_843423235675124_1221644229929507558_n 10247315_843419752342139_964530944455379356_n


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