Cerise and Orange Birthday Party

I can’t imagine a more fun colour palette for a birthday party than this one! While our brief was to keep it elegant and classy, the client’s favourite colours, and thus the choice for this event, are – you guessed it – cerise and bright orange. With this in mind we went to work creating this look using roses, star gazer liles, crysanths, carnations, poppies and gerberas.

The venue was ideal for the amount of guests, as we could set up one long table along the doors opening up onto the patio and the most beautiful view of the Langeberg Mountains. Setting the table this way allowed us to make full use of the gorgeous view while keeping the table setting quite posh – with a lighthearted twist in the form of the polkadot napkins and cheeky colour scheme.

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Rose Gold – Styled Shoot

Working and living in one of the most beautiful areas of our country, one forgives the inconvenience of “not having” – Bonnievale is a very small town to be sure, and we tend to regard things most people take for granted as luxuries – such as fast food chains, supermarkets and the like.  We’ve been lucky enough at Gypsyrose to be able to offer some of these “luxuries” to the kind folk of Bonnievale and surrounding towns – beautiful gifts, home décor, luxury imported toiletries and of course, gourgeous fresh flowers. As a proud local we really try our best to support local business, and not surprising that we have some amazingly talented, creative and capable wedding and event vendors right here on our doorstep!

We put together this styled shoot because 1) we love the new metallic trend, especially rose gold in all its fantastic applications, and 2) we wish to showcase the gifted wedding vendors of Bonnievale… i.e. Brides, you DON’T have to import your vendors from Cape Town, we have them all right here!

Details of all the lovely people involved in this shoot available below, and a special thank you to Koos and Natasha Wentzel for the use of their farm as our location for the shoot1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (120) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (141) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (155) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (159) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (161) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (172) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (173) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (179) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (185) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (197) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (225) 10401893_574997342623354_5836238007686429409_n (1) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (231) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (250) 1 Sept 2014_MvZ Photography (252)


It was truly a pleasure to work with the following wedding vendors on this project:

Photography –  Marlize van Zyl MvZ Photography |  vanzylmarlize@gmail.com

Hair & Makeup –  Mari Lombaard Hair Exclusive | maristemmet@hotmail.com

Furniture & Decor – Hilda-Mari Jonker Klasi Furniture & Rene Pieterse Gypsyrose | http://www.klasi.co.za; hmj@jonkheer.co.za | http://www.gypsyrose.co.za; rene@gypsyrose.co.za

Linen & Decor Hiring – Lizl Pieterse Flamboijant | http://www.flamboijant.co.za; flamboijant@gmail.com

Stationery – Rene Pieterse Gypsyrose | http://www.gypsyrose.co.za; rene@gypsyrose.co.za

Wines – Weltevrede Estate | http://www.weltevrede.com; info@weltevrede.com

Floral design & styling – Rene Pieterse Gypsyrose | http://www.gypsyrose.co.za; rene@gypsyrose.co.za

Model – Danique Fullard | http://www.danzalavida.co.za


More pics to come from this fabulous shoot!




Trish & Marc – Arendsig, Bonnievale

Gorgeous bride, beautiful setting, sunny Autumn day, what more can you ask for in the perfect wedding day? The bride’s bouquet consisted out of the most fantastic blush pink Esperanze roses – the epitome of feminine elegance. For the ceremony and reception venues we added to this a variety of fresh seasonal flowers in soft pinks to complement the theme – candy floss carnations, enormous snowdon crysanths,  wisps of limonium, and alstroemeria lilies. A mixture of bottles, jars and clear glass vases in different sizes, prettied up with an assortment of ribbons helped create the relaxed, minimalist look.

The wedding was hosted at Arendsig Wine Estate in Bonnievale. Thank you to the talented Cheryl McEwan for the amazing pictures!










Information Overload

When a bride and I start the process of designing her perfect day, to help me with getting a feel for her vision I would ask for a few pictures of items/ideas she really likes. Even though this is right at the start of the process, this is usually where the biggest obstacle for every bride lies. TV shows, Pinterest, wedding blogs, magazines – there is so much information out there that it is almost a given that by this time the bride is confused, irritated, frustrated and just a little manic. Here are a few pointers to help you steer your way through the doldrums of modern day wedding planning:


1) Before you start your research – before you look at a single TV show or Pinterest page, make a list. Choose the colours you would like, and the general style – you don’t have to be terribly specific, but you should have the very basic outline of what your ideal wedding would look like.

2) Now Google your little heart out – but be specific. If you like soft colours and a “country” look and feel, then that’s what you look for. Narrow your searches down to a few key words or phrases – this way you are able to refine your look/theme without the distractions of a million other themes, colours, DIY tricks, and all the other things that would make you doubt yourself and your choices.

3) Make notes about what you DON’T want. This is of immeasurable help to your suppliers, don’t underestimate it! Florists and decor suppliers have experience in putting together themes and wedding looks – so being able to work within a framework of “I like bunting but I hate Chinese lanterns” for example, will make the quoting process easier and faster for your suppliers, and less stressful for you.

4) Stick to your guns – this is YOUR wedding. By all means listen to the advice and ideas of your mother-in-law, maid of honour, and every well meaning friend who got married in the last ten years, but don’t let them bully you into anything you don’t want or like. 

5) Educate yourself as to the real price of a wedding – so that you are able to budget realistically. I find that brides are unaware of the actual costs of things like laser cut table numbers and out-of-season flowers, and don’t take into account the labour costs of setting up and styling a venue, or designing and creating beautiful bouquets for the bride and her bridal party. Do your research so that you aren’t taken by surprise and end up disappointed.

6) Enjoy the process! So many brides are completely shattered by the time the wedding comes around, because they are so stressed out by all the little details and of course want everything to be perfect, that they completely forget what the day is about and end up not enjoying themselves at all. Make use of your resources – hand over tasks to people you trust, or make use of a planner if you are able to financially. And then trust them. If you want 100% control over every single detail you are going to end up brunt out emotionally and completely exhausted and look horrible on your wedding photos! All the professionals will tell you this, and you would do well to remember – your guests don’t really care that the ribbon on your guest favours aren’t the exact pink of the roses in your bouquet – they are there to see you betrothed to the man you want to spend the rest of your life with, and to celebrate this happy occasion with you. So how about you do the same?

Gypsyrose is the premier planning service in the Langeberg with over a decade experience in planning and executing extraordinary events and weddings. http://www.gypsyrose.co.za 


Love is golden: Samantha & Ranvor, Breede Escape – Bonnievale

I find it exhilarating working with brides who are conscious of the latest trends – this way I get to stretch my creative bubble and do wonderful new and exciting things

Samantha was also an amazingly trusting bride – her vision for her wedding was so clear, it was easy to offer her exactly what she wanted – and what she wanted was wonderful! Each table representing different fruits of the spirit, making use of gorgeous fresh blooms, props and decor in white, grey and gold. Working at Breede Escape is as always a pleasure.

ImageGorgeous fresh bright yellow roses, snapdragons, geralton wax, with organic and fun accents – poppy seed pods and tortured willow



Samantha’s gorgeous bouquet was made for her by a family friend


Each table setting different, using the same design palette throughout to maintain the theme. Gorgeous Queen Anne lace flowers, trusty crysanths and alstroemeria lilies completed the lookImageImageImage

Thank you for the beautiful photo’s Morne from Breedephotography. Christa at Breede Escape you are marvelous x

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Flower care

Here in Bonnievale we are now in the midst of the hottest period of our summer – temperatures topping 30 degrees almost every day. Most of us spend our time hiding in cool, air conditioned offices and houses, and are conscious of keeping hydrated. It is important to remember that your fresh cut flowers feel the heat too! Please read and follow the below instructions to ensure that your beautiful bunch of cut flowers lasts as long as they should 


1) When you purchase fresh flowers, please treat them as you would fresh produce – purchase them last and go directly home! Don’t let them lie in the hot car or in direct sunlight without water for any longer than necessary.

2) Remove the packaging – it is important for the flowers to be able to “breathe” otherwise they will end up slimy and wilted like lettuce left in the plastic bag for too long.

3) Remove all the foliage, especially any leaves that will be under the water as this will putrefy the water and shorten the vase life of your flowers considerably!

4) Make sure that your vase is spotlessly clean – no dust or dirt, plant material or detergent residue, as all of these will be detrimental to the health of your cut flowers. Add enough water to comfortably cover the bottom of the stems – do not fill the vase to the top! Add a teaspoon of chlorine bleach (jik) and a teaspoon of sugar if you don’t have a packet of flower food handy – this will keep the water clean and fit for consumption by your gorgeous blooms. The sugar helps to perk them up and keep them perky for longer.

5) Just before adding your flowers to the vase, cut off 2.5 cm of the stem at an angle, and then place them in the water immediately. Flowers can only absorb water and nutrients through this cut stem, so removing the bottom end will remove any dried out stem, dirt and bacteria, as well as provide a fresh clean absorption area and will ensure they are able to get all the water they need. 

6) Repeat step 4 & 5 every couple of days – the water in the vase only contains enough nutrients to sustain your flowers for a few days, and so must be replaced to ensure that they remain lovely for longer

7) Very important!! Place your flowers somewhere they will be appreciated and loved, away from direct sunlight and drafts. Please don’t put them too close to the aircon as they will dry out and wilt within days.

Following these simple steps will guarantee that your cut flowers will last for weeks! 

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Zaantjie & Jacques – Kampala, Bonnievale




Once in a while you get the opportunity to work with genuinely awesome couples. We had the most fun ever creating this playful “farm/barnyard chic” look at the stunning Kampala venue just outside Bonnievale. 

Working at a new venue always has its challenges, but nothing is more rewarding than seeing the couple and their families come together to enjoy a fantastic evening – that’s the moment where, as a wedding planner, you go “ahh – that’s why I do this” It makes it all worthwhile! 

Thank you Zaan & Jacques for letting me be such a big part of your special day – and for truly enjoying your evening along with your guests. I wish you stupendous happiness and many many years together xx

I’ve shared below a few amateur photo’s of the wedding venue – we welcome your comments!

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