Flower care

Here in Bonnievale we are now in the midst of the hottest period of our summer – temperatures topping 30 degrees almost every day. Most of us spend our time hiding in cool, air conditioned offices and houses, and are conscious of keeping hydrated. It is important to remember that your fresh cut flowers feel the heat too! Please read and follow the below instructions to ensure that your beautiful bunch of cut flowers lasts as long as they should 


1) When you purchase fresh flowers, please treat them as you would fresh produce – purchase them last and go directly home! Don’t let them lie in the hot car or in direct sunlight without water for any longer than necessary.

2) Remove the packaging – it is important for the flowers to be able to “breathe” otherwise they will end up slimy and wilted like lettuce left in the plastic bag for too long.

3) Remove all the foliage, especially any leaves that will be under the water as this will putrefy the water and shorten the vase life of your flowers considerably!

4) Make sure that your vase is spotlessly clean – no dust or dirt, plant material or detergent residue, as all of these will be detrimental to the health of your cut flowers. Add enough water to comfortably cover the bottom of the stems – do not fill the vase to the top! Add a teaspoon of chlorine bleach (jik) and a teaspoon of sugar if you don’t have a packet of flower food handy – this will keep the water clean and fit for consumption by your gorgeous blooms. The sugar helps to perk them up and keep them perky for longer.

5) Just before adding your flowers to the vase, cut off 2.5 cm of the stem at an angle, and then place them in the water immediately. Flowers can only absorb water and nutrients through this cut stem, so removing the bottom end will remove any dried out stem, dirt and bacteria, as well as provide a fresh clean absorption area and will ensure they are able to get all the water they need. 

6) Repeat step 4 & 5 every couple of days – the water in the vase only contains enough nutrients to sustain your flowers for a few days, and so must be replaced to ensure that they remain lovely for longer

7) Very important!! Place your flowers somewhere they will be appreciated and loved, away from direct sunlight and drafts. Please don’t put them too close to the aircon as they will dry out and wilt within days.

Following these simple steps will guarantee that your cut flowers will last for weeks! 

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